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Alfred W Rue
Ann Williams
Edward Severin Rue
Elizabeth M Pike
Gwyneth Eileen Rue
Violet Louisa Rue
Oliver Rue
Mary E G Davies
Thomas Leslie Rue
Gladys Irene Rue
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Arthur Henry Rue
Albert Cliff Rue
Nance Griffiths
Annie Jane Rue
Marjorie Rue
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Minnie Rue
Walter Mervyn Rue
Cissy Dunn
Winifred P Rue
Sylvia Rue
Arthur L Rue
Gladys Stephens
Elizabeth Eileen Rue
Rose Rue
Terence Rue
Lillian Boughton
Vernon Rue
Joyce Hughes
Harold Tony Rue
Norma Massey
Betty Rue
Rita Rue
Kenneth J Rue
Barbara Rue
Peter W Rue
Ann Williams
I know little about Ann.  She married Alfred Rue in 1940 and they had two daughters, in 1941 and 1950.  They appear to have lived in the Neath area throughout life.

I do not know where she came from or anything about her family - to be honest I haven't looked - with a name such as Williams this will be difficult, although not impossible.

It is possible that Ann died in 1997 - a Annie Mary E Rue did die in the Neath area then, but whether this is the same Ann has not been conclusively shown.

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