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Catherine Williams
I don't know where Catherine came from, the first record I have of her is when she marries Walter Rue in the Swansea area in the later part of 1924.

Walter and Catherine had 5 children in total:
Vernon born in 1925
Harold born in 1926
Betty born in 1927
Barbabra born in 1932 and
Peter born much later in 1939
These were all born in the Neath area.

I know that the 2 youngest children both died whilst young.  Barbara was aged 7 when she died in 1940 and Peter was just 5 when he died in 1944.  I believe they both died of TB although this is not confirmed.

The other 3 children all went on to marry and have children.

Walter and Catherine lived in the Neath area for all of their lives.  I do not know when Catherine died but Walter died early in 1971.

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