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Elizabeth Maud Palin married George Rue in Neath on 5th February 1912.

They had two sons - Alfred on 8th September 1912 and Oliver on 17th January 1916, both born in the Neath area.

I do not know where she was from , or anything else about her.

I know from his papers on signing up, that her husband, George, enlisted in the World War I effort on 27th May 1918, however despite being sent on service to Brecon and Oswestry he was invalided out of the Army on 26th August 1918 due to an injury he incurred back in 1913 in the coliery he worked at in Crynant which left his left leg/foot with serious problems.

In 1918 both before and after his service, he continued to work in a coal mine in Crynant, although I have yet to find the name of it.

These papers also suggest the families residential address as something like "Plasygelynon" or "Plastclynon" or "Plasgwyelynon" in Crynant in 1918.
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