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Gwenllian Kuner
Gwenllian Magdalena Kuner was born in Pontypridd in Glamorgan in around 1875.  Her father was Isidor Kuner a watchmaker who came from Baden Baden in Germany.  Her mother was Martha who had been also born in Pontypridd.

She had at least 2 brothers and 2 sisters and the family are residing at 17 Taff Street, Llanwonno, Glamorgan in the 1881 census.
William was 5 years older, Elizabeth was 3 years older, Richard was 2 years younger and Ellen was 5 years younger.

It appears that her father, Isidor died in 1906 and her mother, Martha died in 1924.

On 18th June 1912 Gwenllian, a 37 year old spinster married Edward Rue, a 46 year old widower.  The marriage took place in the Methodist Tabernacle Chapel in Pontypridd.  Gwenllian's father is shown as Isidor Kuner a deceased Jeweller.
Edward was living in Trebithin, Cowbridge and Gwenllian was living in Brynwynno, Porth.

Edward had two children from his previous marriage (to Mary who had died in 1909), Thomas was 24 and Margaret was 22 and herself was married in 1912.

Edward and Gwenllian had their own son, Edward Severin Rue who was born on 16th March 1914.

Gwenllian wrote a will on 10th August 1919 when it appears that she knew she was dying and it appears that she had no contact with Edward, her husband.  She was living with her brother William Severin Kuner and her sister Ellen Beatrice Kuner at 6 Lan Parc Road in Pontypridd.  It is not known where Edward Rue her husband is, nor Edward Severin Rue her son.
She then died on 5th September 1919.
It appears that her estate was left in trust with William and Ellen Kuner for the benefit of her son Edward Severin, thus suggesting that they had the care of the child, who was only 7.  The will stated that he was to inherit the remainder of the estate on his 21st birthday.

Her widower husband, Edward Rue, remarried on 4th October 1919, further supporting that they were estranged at her death.

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