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I have no knowledge of where Beatrice came from or when she was born.  I do know that she married Thomas Rue early in 1913.  

(Photo of Thomas Rue and Beatrice Jones, alledgedly at they marriage in 1913 - courtesy of Betty Rastin)

Thomas and Beatrice had a daughter, Gwyneth Eileen Rue born in 1914.  She was baptised in 1915 and it appears that the family were already living in Llanfarach Farm (see Thomas's page for a photo).  The parents were Thomas a farmer and Beatrice Elizabeth.

A second daughter, Annie Jane was baptised on 4th April 1920 and again Thomas was a farmer and the family lived at Llanfarach.

Her daughter Gwyneth married in 1933.

Thomas died in Llanfarach farm on 7th January 1935.  He had considerable wealth but didn't leave a will.  His estate was left in probate to his wife, Beatrice Elizabeth and his eldest daughter Gwyneth Radford.  Their younger daughter Annie was just 15 and so not mentioned.

Beatrice went on living at Llanfarch Farm.

Her second daughter Annie married in 1943.

Beatrice died on 15th May 1945, apparently taking her own life.  She had written a will on 25th August 1944 making one William Jones (her brother, a retired farmer) and her daughter Gwyneth Radford the executors.  Both Beatrice and Gwyneth were living in Llanfarach Farm at that time and at the time of death.  Her other daughter Annie Jane Harris is also mentioned.
Again there was significant wealth left with mention that Annie had taken over the farm.

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