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Vernon Rue
Vernon Vivian Rue was born in Neath on 28th March 1925.  He was the first child of Walter Rue and Catherine nee Williams.

Vernon had a brother, born a year later then him and a sister, born a further year later.  A further sister born in 1932 died aged just 8 years old and a further brother born in 1939 died when just 5. 

I believe that Vernon lived his whole life in Neath but I don't know what he did there.

I do know that he married Joyce Hughes in Neath in 1951 and that they had 4 children - a son in 1952 and 3 daughters in 1954, 1956 and 1962.  All of these children were born in Neath.

I understand that Vernon died in around April 1998, still in Neath.
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